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For almost eight years now, Miraheze has provided it's over 300,000+ users with free hosting. Help us keep going for eight more years and longer! We're powered 100% by donations from people just like you. We're grateful to keep seeing impressive year-over-year traffic and community growth. With our impressive growth though, we need more infrastructure to handle increased demand. We ask you, earnestly, consider chipping in £5, £10, £20, or whatever you can afford. If 550 of Miraheze's 300,000+ users gave only £12 (16.35 USD) once a year, Miraheze would exceed its budget requirements.

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На оваа страница можете да му направите дарување на Мирахезе. Дарувањата се основниот начин на финансирањето на Мирахезе. Секое дарување оди за поддршка на инфраструктурата и проширување како што расте заедницата. Ви благодариме за вашето внимание!